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Daniel Sasse Managing Director /Instructor

Daniel Sasse

Managing Director /Instructor


  • Coral propagation Instructor Trainer
  • 25 years of knowledge in practical Marine Biology
  • Ocean advocate
  • ATUS/CMAS Course Director 4****Star #0250
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Underwater Videographer
  • Medic First Aid Instructor Trainer
  • Apnoe Instructor Trainer
  • Nitrox Instructor
  • Children Scuba Instructor
  • Continuous experience in the diving industry for 23 years. More than 10,000 dives

Daniel Sasse is a passionate and professional diver and underwater photographer from Germany with a huge knowledge about the protection of marine life. He has countless dives, 23 years of experience and brings this knowledge into various environmental protection projects.

Still, he is fascinated by the uniqueness of the ocean, the incredible treasures that this world holds and which must be preserved. This he teaches his guests and volunteers with great passion. He teaches them the uniqueness of life under water and what we as an individual can do differently and better to help this fragile underwater world so that it can regenerate and persist! This extra step is found in every fiber of his life. Hardly a question that he can not answer. To bring people to the underwater world, to arouse the fascination for it is its great talent.

In addition to his diving studies, Daniel has a technical training as a construction engineer. This thinking and craftsmanship help him to tackle the challenges that his work for the protection of the oceans always entails, and to find solutions to these problems. Thus, his professional qualifications blend perfectly with love for the ocean, he is a unique teacher and keeper / protector for this exciting and beautiful underwater world.

Donations are spares also due to the fact that 90% of all humans only know the surface of our oceans and are either not interested or aren’t able to see the all so important underwater marine life. Humans depleted the oceans to the brink of extinction in past 60 years.

90% of all fish are close to extinction or just on the edge of no return. Humans have gotten way too strong with all the machinery and fishing fleets we are using to catch fish. The total number of fishing vessels in the world in 2016 was estimated to be about 4.6 million. It is estimated that 1-2.7 trillion wild fish are caught globally each year. That results in 90 million metric tons of fish caught annually. This estimate does not include unrecorded fish capture, such as fish caught illegally and those caught as bycatch and discarded.

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Oceans are our life line. Every second breath you take the oxygen is produced by the phytoplankton in our oceans.

It must be humans first priority to safe the oceans before we search for new planets or any other stupid mass dementia.

Kamonphat Piranram (Noi) Director / Office Management

Kamonphat Piranram (Noi)

Director / Office Management

Languages: Thai, English
She is the good soul of the Dive Center and organizes everything in the background and is the contact person during the day for our guests in the Dive Center. a great Team player.

PiGop ประทีป เปี่ยมอยู่ Captain

PiGop ประทีป เปี่ยมอยู่


Languages: Thai, some English.
PiGop is a sailor in all his blood and has worked for more than 20 years on fishing boats in Thailand Myanmar and Malaysia. He has a great deal of experience with boats and is thus an outstanding captain.

PiThong ณรงค์ชัย ชาตรี Boat Technician / Captain

ณรงค์ชัย ชาตรี

Boat Technician / Captain

Languages: Thai, some English.
PiThong is our boat technician as well as a captain. His great experience of machines and his flexibility are extraordinary and fits into our team perfectly.

Nattapol Phoget (Bell) Manager / Guide

Nattapol Phoget (Bell)

Manager / Guide

Languages: Thai, English
Level: ATUS / CMAS 3 *** Guide
Bell is a very good and safe guide! He has been living in Ao Nang since childhood and knows everything about underwater here! Whenever a question appears just ask our Bell, he knows what’s going on. The team wouldn’t be complete without him!

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