Daniel Sasse

Daniel Sasse

Managing Director

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Director Office Manager

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PiGop ประทีป เปี่ยมอยู่

PiGop ประทีป เปี่ยมอยู่


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Boat Technician/Captain

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About Us

We are setting ourselves apart from other Dive Centers due to our Volunteer based Marine Life Conservation Projects.
We would like you to have a wonderful experience, encountering the fascination of scuba diving and at the same time helping the underwater world. We started an initiative which is called marine life conservation project which is a volunteer based project. It allows us to do important conservation work such as organizing underwater cleanup days with the local government and the marine national park. Setting permanent anchor buoys so tour boats don’t have to throw their anchor anymore.
Since 2006 and up until now we’ve removed countless illegally set fishing cages, abandoned fishing nets, rubbish especially plastic. Our oceans and its marine life choke to death if we don’t change our habits on our daily living basis!


Ao Nang Islands

Ao Nang Islands are our main focus for our research and cleanups. All of the Islands you can see on the Map are Dive Sites.

Volunteer work Portfolio

Volunteer work latest news

Here are some of the Projects listed from the past and our latest Projects.


RESCUE the Ocean with an NFT Photograph

You can RESCUE the Ocean with an NFT Photograph from the underwater world. The first NFT Sale with a real world cause! All income goes towards Marine Life Conservation! 🔁 Please Share & ❤️ Like🔊 Sound on and watch till the end! Rescue the Ocean with an NFT Photograph More information on our Projects here! […]

Hawksbill Turtle

World Sea Turtle Day 2021

Today is World Sea Turtle Day 2021 to give more exposure to the critically endangered hawksbill turtle. Rapidly declining due to overfishing, trawler fishing, bycatch, habitat loss and actively hunted by humans for their meat and shell to make jewellery. As you can see in the Video Turtles are very sustainable eaters! It only takes […]

Kraken Aquatics Freediving Spearfishing Mask

Top Freediving Masks 2021

Different from Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Masks the volume in Freediving Masks must be as small as possible! These Masks can also be used for Snorkeling. Freedivers from all around the world are looking for a mask with a low internal volume, the reason behind is to have as little air volume as possible to […]

Underwater Photographer Daniel Sasse

Multi Award Winning Underwater Photographer Daniel Sasse

In this video Underwater Photographer Daniel Sasse shows his best Images. Video of Award Winning Photos all taken while scuba diving by Daniel Sasse 100% of the income of the Pictures sold goes towards our Marine Life Conservation Projects! Please like and share! Thank you! Would you like to get in contact with Underwater Photographer […]



All Project Programs include

  • Accommodation
  • CMAS 1*Star Open Water Scuba Diving Course
  • Dive Equipment
  • and more…

2 weeks

2400,- €

4 weeks

2900,- €

6 weeks

3600,- €

8 Weeks

4200,- €

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Diving course included in the Price?

Yes a complete CMAS1*Star Course including certification card and logbook is included in the Price.

Is the Scuba Diving Course internationally recognized?

Yes Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) is an international federation that represents underwater activities in underwater sport and underwater sciences, and oversees an international system of recreational snorkel and scuba diver training and recognition. It is also known by its English name, the World Underwater Federation, and its Spanish name, Confederacion Mundial De Actividades Subacuaticas. Its foundation in Monaco during January 1959 makes it one of the world’s oldest underwater diving organizations.

Do I get a certificate after my Project is over?

Yes you’ll receive an official record on how long and what courses you have completed.

Is accomodation included?

Yes accommodation is included.

Is food included in the Price?

Food is included only on the boat.

Is insurance included?

While a Diving insurance is provided. You’re required to obtain appropriate travel and medical insurance that will cover you for the entire duration of your project and travels abroad. Your travel insurance policy must include emergency medical including repatriation, personal accident, personal liability and loss of baggage.

What do I need to bring?

Bring some old and some new clothes due to the work you might get a little dirty!

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